Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5100 Drivers

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5100 Drivers

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5100 Drivers– The Canon imagePROGRAF IPF5100 Large Format Printer produces prints with splendid shading and great detail because of its refined print-head innovation. With highlights intended to help all degrees of clients accomplish remarkable outcomes, the iPF5100 printer is the perfect answer for any shading proficient searching for striking, full-drain shading yield with quality in paper dealing with and excellent speed in yield.

The iPF5100 printer is designed to create hues, fine subtleties, and inconspicuous articulations required for the absolute most testing shading conditions, for example, photography, sealing and expert realistic applications. It is outfitted with the capacity to recalibrate itself to the first production line settings and apply any vital changes over the printer’s media types, bringing about an increasingly unsurprising printing stage where results can be reliably accomplished.

The 12-shading LUCIA color ink framework offers astounding shading quickness and strength with a surprisingly wide shading extent, while the ink plan for Black, Matte Black, Gray and Photo Gray inks lessen bronzing, and gives more grounded ink bond to the print media, bringing about better scratch opposition with no extra insurance. The Canon L-COA processor, which is devoted to the imagePROGRAF, is intended to upgrade the best quality yield at the most noteworthy potential paces. Distinctive amazing, durable prints are accomplished by consolidating Canon’s progressed innovative accomplishments.

12-Color Pigment Ink System

The iPF5100 printer’s ink set is included 12 hues with four standard procedure hues, Photo Cyan and Photo Magenta; in addition to Red, Green, and Blue; Matte Black, Gray, and Photo Gray. This remarkable blend makes an expansive shading bed and conveys outstanding print results.

LUCIA Pigment Inks

The utilization of Photo Black, Matte Black, Gray and Photo Gray enhance dark ink thickness for extraordinary monochrome photograph quality yield, and the iPF5100 printer consequently coordinates the right dark ink to accomplish the best print results.

PF-03 Dual Print Head System

Built for speed and propelled picture creation, the iPF5100 flaunts Canon’s double print head framework to set down ink with exceptional speed and exactness. Not at all like regular printers with a solitary print head, the iPF5100 utilizes two high-exactness, high thickness print heads with a sum of 30,720 spouts. It sets down exact 4 picoliter-size ink beads to create fragile shading degrees and superior quality. The twin lines of spouts on the print heads empower the iPF5100 to limit the quantity of printing passes and still keep up great print quality.

L-COA Print Controller

The IPF5100 is worked around the creative L-COA (Large Format printer Common Architecture) processor. With regards to speed and precision, the L-COA processor is in its very own association. By astutely preparing print information and coordinating the high exactness, high-thickness print heads, the framework guarantees picture lucidity and shading precision, in any event, for complex designs and shading rich photographic pictures. Joined with Canon’s double print head plan and the most ink spouts per shading in the business, the L-COA controller accomplishes extraordinary print speeds.

Worked in Calibration

The iPF5100 printer is furnished with the capacity to recalibrate itself to the first ideal manufacturing plant settings and apply any essential changes. This makes a progressively steady, unsurprising printing stage on which prevalent outcomes can be reliably accomplished. The framework has worked in alignment sensors that precisely recognize variety in print heads and measures the thickness levels of the inks and makes important acclimations to return adjustment to the first production line settings.

Numerous Media Options

The iPF5100 printer offers four media feed choices; a front-stacking tape for pre-cut sheet, a back manual feed, a front straight way manual feed for thicker media up to 1.5mm, and a move feed for longer paper lengths, and borderless prints. The gadget highlights programmed media exchanging between the tape and the move feed so clients can keep two media types stacked and prepared to print, making their determination from the print driver. The move feed accompanies two and three-inch center connectors to suit each of the 17-inch Canon move stock media. The printer additionally comes standard with an implicit rotating media shaper, and can use the two its revolving shaper and the discretionary move feed unit to deliver amazing borderless (edge-to-edge) prints in minutes.

The included fare modules permit clients to legitimately process and print RAW picture documents from DPP or Adobe Photoshop, and sidesteps the working frameworks subordinate print driver, in this manner permitting preparing of 16-piece RGB pictures straightforwardly, which significantly expands degrees and therefore, in general picture quality. A portion of the highlights of this propelled send out module incorporate full screen review, more print quality determinations, arranged paper type see, move paper format view, and bi-cubic augmentation

Printer Driver 2007

The imagePROGRAF printer driver works with the two Windows and Macintosh working frameworks offering remarkable, top notch prints through simple ease of use and precise shading. The printer driver joins existing imagePROGRAF includes alongside, refreshed simple to utilize capacities. The monochrome photograph mode produces nonpartisan, excellent monochrome pictures with the essential utilization of the Black, Gray and Photo Gray inks, and assists with guaranteeing negligible moves in shading that are usually brought about by the utilization of shading inks in highly contrasting prints. Another simple to utilize include is the free format highlight, which takes into consideration custom settling of isolated pictures and reports.

Computerized Photo Front-Access Utility

The Digital Photo Front-Access has been created by Canon as an utility to import pictures from a camera, memory card, USB, and so forth and fuse them into programming applications, for example, PosterArtist and Photoshop. It gives auto picture correcting, the capacity to open in PosterArtist and Photoshop records with help for JPEG and RAW pictures, and straightforward arrangement of print settings by methods for the printer driver


Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5100 Drivers

IJ Start imagePROGRAF iPF5100 Driver Supports for Windows

Download -= Printer Driver Supports Windows
Download -= Extra Kit Driver Supports Windows
Download -= Print Plug-In for Office Driver Supports Windows
Download -= Optimization Module for AutoCAD Driver Supports Windows
Download -= Print Plug-In for Photoshop Supports Windows
Download -= ICC Profile for Color imageRUNNER Enlargement Copy
Download -= HDI Driver AutoCAD 2011 Driver Supports Windows

imagePROGRAF iPF5100 Software for Windows 32bit/ Windows 64bit

  • Download -= Device Setup Utility Software Supports Windows
  • Download -= Status Monitor Software Supports Windows
  • Download -= PosterArtist Software Supports Windows
  • Download -= Media Configuration Tool Software Supports Windows
  • Download -= PosterArtist Lite Software Supports Windows
  • Download -= Direct Print & Share Software Supports Windows
  • Download -= PosterArtist Updater Software Supports Windows
  • Download -= Media Information File Software Supports Windows

imagePROGRAF iPF5100 Drivers for Mac 32bit/ Mac 64bit

  • Download -= Printer Driver Supports Mac
  • Download -= Color imageRUNNER Enlargement Copy Driver Supports Mac
  • Download -= ICC Profile Driver Supports Mac
  • Download -= Print Plug-In for Photoshop Supports Mac
  • Download -= Media Configuration Tool Driver Supports Mac
  • Download -= Media Information File Driver Supports Mac

imagePROGRAF iPF5100 Software for Mac 32bit/ Windows 64bit

  • Download -= Media Information File Supports Mac
  • Download -= Media Configuration Tool Supports Mac

imagePROGRAF iPF5100 Manuals Download

  • Download -= User’s Guide Manual Download
  • Download -= Basic Guide Manual Download
  • Download -= Series Setup Guide Manual Download
  • Download -= Print Utility Guide Manual Download
  • Download -= Media Configuration Tool Guide Manual Downloadfor Mac
  • Download -= Media Configuration Tool Guide Manual Downloadfor Windows
  • Download -= Guide for Direct Print & Share Manual Downloadfor Windows
  • Download -= Guide for Print Plug-In for Office Manual Download for Windows
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